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[ 11-03-2016 ]
SLOT Pro gamblers tend to avoid slot machines, even though they are among the most popular attractions for casual Vegas vacationers. Because the machines are so dramatically weighted in favor of the house - and so dependent on pure luck - seasoned pros pass them by for games where they can use their skills more effectively. While there may be no grand "secret" to winning the elusive slot machine jackpot, here are some things you should keep in mind if you want to maximize your edge. Read the Payout Chart If you're going to play the slots, you should at least know what you're getting into with each machine. A good place to start is the payout chart. Learn the rules of the machine. Know which combinations will trigger an avalanche of coins. Figure out when you would be better off betting the maximum and when you should bet smaller. None of this education is going to change the odds, but at least you won't be blindly pulling the lever, waiting for the lights and sirens to go off. Watch Your Bankroll The riskier the game, the more important strict bankroll management becomes. Since slot machines are among the riskiest games in the casino, you should make sure you aren't going to gamble away your life savings in search of the jackpot. The key to smart bankroll management is to set a loss limit. Once you've lost that much money, you walk away. Ignoring this basic rule is a good way to wind up with no way to pay your light bill when you get back home.
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