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[ 05-07-2017 ]
Secrets to Play Mobile Casino Games (Live Roulette) and Win at ECWON
Casino Live Roulette offer by ECWON malaysia and singapore online casino 1 (Tips for Roulette): Roulette is a game you can win big if you know how to play it right when you have the luck. The odds to the casino is only 2.7% (1/37), which is one of the lowest compared to many games. 2 (Tips for Roulette): Among many games roulette have seen players biggest winning. Player with 100 credit winning 10,000 is very common. 3 (Tips for Roulette): Double and triple increase of your stake at the right period will increase your chances of winning. Say you have chosen 10 of the 37 numbers in roulette at a stake of 2 per number. When you hit a number the next stake should be maintained at 2, the subsequent stake should be at 1. The sequence is such 2,2,2 (hit),1,1,1,4,4,4,4,2,2,2,2...This will increase the chances of hit your target. 4 (Tips for Roulette): If you have chosen a table and it is not working in your favour immediately change table. There should not be emotional attachment to a table or dealer. How many of us stick to a table believing that our number will for sure turn up in the next or the round after that to sit at a table for 20 to 30 rounds with the number not turning up. Many players fall into this trap. If you are going to hit big it's going to happen now or it's not going to happen here. Change table. 5 (Tips for Roulette): Always decide how much you want to spend and win in one day. Stop playing immediately when you reach your target or you have been stuck just below your target for some time. Example if your target is 500, you win 530. Place a bet for 30 and stop if you lose or win. If your winning amount is the range of 450 to 480 for the last 10 minutes immediately stop.
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