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Leocity88 Zhao Cai Tong Zi - Brings you luck during Chinese New Year
[ 16-01-2018 ]
Leocity88 Zhao Cai Tong Zi - Brings you luck during Chinese New Year
Having the opportunity to play Chinese-themed games is fun, especially on the ECWON Malaysia Online Casino website. You will learn about new things in their mythology, and have great experience in Playtech among Chinese symbols. First, Zhao Cai Tong Zi is a god character. Surely this is a great god. 9 salary lines and 5 rolls This slot is perfect for rewarding rewards, as is clear, and there will be many kids looking for symbols. Advantages are an unquestionable need between symbols, so be sure to find them there. You will not miss the Chinese Lantern, as there are symbols of the lantern as well. Unfortunately, there will be no bonus features, which will be disappointing for those looking for a bonus round. Similarly, the theme and its characters are displayed in great graphics, which will take you to China, and you will have an amazing game session in Malaysia Slot Games.
You need to know more about the god of the child, which is the highlight of this game in Malaysia Slot Games. His incredible birth is a miracle associated with wealth. Thinking of how lucky the Chinese are, to have a god who is making riches for them. But now, he's here for you, for some difference to your bankroll. You will have four children's symbols here, each holding a traditional Chinese symbol: gold bats, koi fish, gold pot, and pic that symbolize immortality. Children with golden bats, balancing 1 to 5 of their symbols, will produce 10,000 largest for 5 children with bat symbols. Children with golden pot will win a 2 to 5 symbol, with the largest 5,000. Children with a koi carp will reward for 2 to 5 symbols, at most 1,200. Children with pic will produce a maximum of 750, and will pay symbols 2 to 5 as well. Other symbols will include pineapple with the most extreme victory of 350, a red bag with a golden symbol, with the largest victory of 250, a group of 3 gold coins and a red envelope, both of which will pay the 200 extreme most extreme, and purple lanterns and hangings, both will pay 50 big.
The Wild will be a symbol of lion dance, which is normal on rolls 2, 3, and 4. It will replace and double your victory. The Scatter, logo, also has the advantage for 2 to 5 symbols. It will generate payments on each spot on the roll, starting from the right or starting from the left. When you play Zhao Cai Tong Zi in Malaysia Slot Games with Chinese theme, you will be inspired by its features.
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