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Be the next 918kiss Jackpot winner !
[ 16-03-2018 ]
Be the next 918kiss Jackpot winner !

Try out the New Version of 918kiss after several updates, ECWON finally managed to find ways to win the jackpot more easily and effectively. This way is not 100% going to succeed, but trying to increase the percentage of winning jackpots by up to 80% !

918kiss slot games, before playing real money or depositing to 918kiss account you play first with test id. Did you know, test id 918kiss this is in the form of the same game that is in real account.

Tip 918kiss this time, I'll show you where to play with the test id before starting the real game on the 918kiss account. With this test id, you have the opportunity to test which slot game that day can really win.

Patience is important here, where you have to identify one slot at 918kiss and test the slot game. Perhaps you feel that test account id 918kiss is not the same when you play the actual account.

That's not true, we've tested the validity of this test ID account and it's worth it. What you need to do, try following the steps below;

login to any test ID account starting with test1 to test 5000. Default Password for test ID account is 1234.
Once you've got one of the test account 918kiss , please try one by one of the slots provided in the game.
Often the credit value in the test account id 918kiss is as much as 1000 credits.
With that amount, just start with a minimum bet of 1.00 try to play any slot.
If one of these slots you win and always get free games then the 918kiss slot game is what you have to play with real money.
Try to deposit and bet the same bet, usually new player will experience to win when playing the game
Above this is among the few tips to play on 918kiss games, in the future we will try to update other tips from time to time.

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